Add a Dye Lock fabric sheet to each wash load. It works well with all types of washing machines-top and front loading.  It works at all water temperatures and with any wash cycle!   When the fabric sheet turns dark after collecting all the dye that could have stained your clothes, it's time to put in a new one!

Over 30 washes per Dye Lock fabric sheet.  Protect your clothes for just pennies.
To help you know when to replace it, each Dye Lock fabric sheet has a white band at the top and bottom that lets you see how much loose dye it has absorbed and how white or unstained your clothes have remained.  Just look after each wash!
No more Color Bleeding  if you add a Dye Lock fabric sheet                  
After 30 Washes
Dye Lock  fabric sheets are made from 100% cotton and are safe for children and pets.
Eliminate Laundry Problems when you combine wash loads with Dye Lock fabric sheets.

everytime you wash your clothes.